This Is Why You Feel Sleepy When You Sit Too Long In An Office Chair

Many people work in offices and they have to work for long periods of time. This, of course, can cause their body to feel sore. The right office chair is the thing they must have. You can use a herman milleraeron seat, if you are an office worker.

Sitting too long in an office chair can cause you to feel sleepy. Sleepiness in the office can happen because your office room is too cold because of the air conditioner. When your office mate are seriously working and the atmosphere is quiet, surely sometimes you feel sleepy especially working in an air-conditioned room. The cold air and the quiet atmosphere added to the deep sleepiness. Well, the tips are to try to walk for about 15 minutes outside the office so that you can help you get fresh air. In addition, seeing the scenery outside the office can also make the body feel fresher.

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