How Do You Learn To Trade Stocks Easily?

A beginner usually avoids stock trading because of two things: lazy to see stock prices every day and afraid to learn image analysis and find out about Como investir em ações . As a result, they took the “investment” pathway, long term. It idolizes Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger, and Long Kheng Hong. The problem appears here, it would be very good if you are a consistent investment. But if the reason is afraid of learning to trade, then it’s wrong.

1. Starting from a small nominal
Who says the investment cannot be done with small capital? Playing stocks using change is possible, but you must be serious. Therefore it needs to be considered as the smallest business money spent as capital.

Why does it have to start with a small nominal?

Stock exchanging is a high-chance venture, not every person is reasonable in that field. Along these lines, we should know ahead of time whether you are reasonable in the field or not. After some time and didn’t feel fit, for what reason should proceed? It’s a different story if you feel comfortable trading even though you still experience losses at the learning stage, there is no harm in continuing stock learning.

2. The main capital is knowledge
How can you fight on the battlefield if you don’t have a destructive weapon for stock trading? Being stuck in such conditions continuously will get you into the speculation zone.

If you directly talk about Fibonacci, Elliot wave, and other kinds, you could immediately give up. The easiest learning technique is to recognize chart symbols and read trends. Not 100% always works, at least you can learn what technical analysis is like.

Two types of sticks are commonly used, candlesticks and bar sticks, sometimes called OHLC. OHLC stands for Open High Low Close. Do you know it already? Open when the market opens, close when closed, high is the highest price in the range and the lowest low. Pretty easy right?