These 3 Things Can Make Your AC Becomes Not Cold At All

The hot weather coupled with the blazing sunshine makes anyone want to rest in a cold room. However, what if the air conditioner (AC) in your room isn’t even cold even though it’s been treated often? You may need to find out the causes as well as how to deal with the problem of an AC which can’t produce cold air. When it happens, perhaps you must call the best company of aire acondicionado tijuana heating air conditioning service.

Here are 3 things that can make your AC loses its coldness:

1. Improper AC remote control

Cause the AC is not cold can come from your own AC remote settings. If you set the wrong mode, it is possible that the air coming out of your air conditioner is not cold.

To overcome this, you must set the remote AC mode to auto or cool mode. That way, the cool air will be firmer than before. In addition, you can also set your AC fan to the maximum level so that the gusts of wind become firmer.

2. The cooling capacity of the air conditioner does not match the area of the room

It turns out that the cooling capacity of the AC varies. If you do not adjust the cooling capacity to the size of your room or room, it could be that the AC does not cool even though it has been washed or treated frequently. If you have a 3 × 3 m2 room, it is strongly recommended to use an AC with a power of half PK. Meanwhile, if the size of the room around 6 × 6 m2, you are advised to use AC with 2 PK power.

3. The voltage is not stable

The third reason why the AC does not cool even though it is often washed is an unstable electric voltage. AC itself has a greater voltage than other electronic equipment. So that the voltage that is not stable can affect AC performance.
But you don’t need to worry, just waiting for the normal power supply voltage to return, then the AC will automatically cool down.

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