Electric Sockets And Cables Are Essentials For Electrical Installations

Some things that you need to consider about the cable network and stun at home. Nowadays electricity cannot be separated from all activities at home. The role is so important, but there are still many electricity users who are still unfamiliar with things that should be considered properly. Electric current cannot be considered trivial. Electricity is indeed not just a matter of stun input, but a path to the output. In other words, you need to identify in more detail the material specs, the conductivity of cables, and the effect of currents on weather changes. Meanwhile, if your electrical installation at home is damaged, we recommend you to call the Staten Island Electrician.

One of the materials that you need for your electrical installation is the electric socket. You must consider the ideal distance of the electric socket from the floor, which is between 1-2 meters. Make sure you don’t overload because one outlet can ideally be branched with one T-plug for up to 4 branches.

Then, do not just buy a cable, because it needs to be adjusted to the power delivered. Copper and PVC insulated electrical cables that are permanently installed in your house must be at least 2.5 mm2 in size, regardless of the amount of electrical power installed and only 10 A. must be supplied with a maximum of 4 mm2. If the electric current is between 10A – 16A.

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