Bill Payment Mechanism

After knowing the amount of the bill that you have to pay and when you should pay the bill, you now have to determine the payment mechanism or channel you will use. To help you with credit card payment, you can visit consumer credit card relief. There are several ways provided by credit card issuing banks, namely:

– Directly at the Branch Office
You can go directly to your credit card issuing bank office to make credit card bill payments.

– Via ATM, SMS Banking, Phone Banking, or Internet Banking
In addition to making payments directly to the branch office of the credit card issuing bank, you can also make payments via ATM, SMS Banking, Phone Banking or Internet Banking, provided your credit card issuing bank provides these facilities. If you use an ATM, SMS Banking or Internet Banking from the same bank as your credit card issuing bank, there is usually no charge.

– Auto Debit
Bills will be immediately withdrawn or debited from your savings account.

– Through the DropBox
This dropbox facility is usually provided by foreign banks, for example, HSBC, RBS, Citibank, and so on.

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